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Jon Wood Mendibil

I started sailing when I was 5 years old, generally, before sailing in a large sailboat people start sailing in dinghy sailing boats, that is to say, in small and light sailboats such as the Optimist, Laser or 420. In In my case, I was very lucky to be able to enjoy the strength and navigation capacity of a Dufour 40, a 12 meter long sailboat with great sailing qualities. For years I have done regattas all over the Cantabrian coast from Hondarribia to Gijon, winning numerous trophies and local leagues.

At the age of 8 I made my first night sailing. From the port of La Rochelle to Zumaia, with winds of 15 to 25 knots. We arrived at the port after 36 hours of sailing and all I was thinking about was doing it again, feeling the boat, the force, the tension of the lines, the sound of the waves, the wind whistling and us trying to hold the boat upright after each heeling.

Jon Wood capitán Spirit Experiences

This great passion that I feel for the sea, has led me to know from a very young age that I wanted to dedicate myself to showing others what I have been living throughout my life.

That is why I have decided to create my own company dedicating myself to what I really love, the sea. Making others know and enjoy what I have enjoyed since I was 5 years old, combining it with the best cultural and gastronomic aspects that the Basque lands offer us.

Sailing on the sea, the mind clears, the nostrils open and we breathe fresh air that allows us greater relax and enjoyment of the experiences. Knowing the history and tasting the local gastronomy is amplified by the spectacular views of cliffs, beaches and charming river mouths that the Basque Coast offers us. In short, the sea helps what surrounds us to be amplified and more incredible.

Since then, I organize exclusive experiences, setting sail with Spirit to discover the Basque Country in the hands of local sailors.

Ian Wood

Ian Wood - Capitán barco

I was born and raised in the city of Liverpool, England. It was there that I began to sail and develop my passion for the sea and sailing. At the age of 24, I met the person who later became my wife and mother of my two children. She is a Basque native and for this reason, I traveled to San Sebastián in order to meet her family.

The reality is that, when I arrived to the Basque Country, I discovered a dream place that caught me from minute one and I fell in love with its mountainous landscapes, incredible coasts and cliffs, history and local traditions as well as one of the key factors, the exquisite local gastronomy. I discovered a place where I had everything I was looking for and did not want to let it escape, since then, I have lived in the city of San Sebastián.

Here, I continued my professional work as a builder and kept what was and is my biggest hobby, sailing. Sailing the Basque coast, I discovered some of the most incredible landscapes and people who are nowadays great friends. I have enjoyed this passion for more than 40 years and the time has come to share it with the rest of the people who visit the Basque Country and want to know it from a new perspective through a totally personalized experience that will activate their five senses.

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