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When someone wants to visit the Basque Country, the typical thing to do during their trip is to visit the capitals, some villages and enjoy the local gastronomy. On the other hand, there is a whole hidden culture hosted by the different coastal towns that really define the Basque Country.

We, at Spirit, make known to all travellers who are passionate about taking another step in the Basque culture, the coast, history, gastronomy and traditions of what is considered the oldest ethnic group in Europe according to the Cro-Magnon hypothesis.

The Basque Coast has great environmental and landscape value. We create

personalised experiences along the Basque coast in which we make culture known from another perspective. Enjoying the diversity of the sea coast otted with beaches, charming ports, bays and spectacular estuary mouths that are waiting for you to discover them.

All our experiences start with you in what we call “the growing phase”, where we begin to shape your journey so that it grows and you can have a personalised experience that fits in perfectly with your family and friends.

Thanks to our method, Spirit Experiences, we are able to do this successfully.

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Growth phase

At this stage, we know through a warm call what your tastes and concerns are, the reason for your visit to the Basque Country in such a way that we are able to get to know your lifestyle and then design the experience that best suits you.This way, you can visit the Basque Country from another perspective and activate your five senses.

Creative phase

Once the growth phase is over, we move on to the creation of the personalized service where we search and select the ideal places and services for you. We make sure we have all the information about the area to be visited and activities to be carried out and then we move on to the design phase.

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Design phase

In this third phase, we share the information gathered during the creative phase to design it alongside you exchanging proposals and ideas to create the experience that best suits you.
You can also leave this work in our hands and we will take care of it satisfactorily.

Criteria of our experiences



All the experiences on board Spirit are totally exclusive so that you can enjoy our magnificent sailing boat just for you, your family and friends.


That feeling of knowing that everything is under control, that you can disconnect and simply relax. We take care of everything for you.


A new way of doing tourism, get to know the Basque Country from another perspective and take away images that nobody else has.


We take care of every detail of the boat and of your comfort so that you feel unique and warmly welcomed whenever you are with us.

If you now want to live your personalized and unique experience with Spirit,
contact us and start growing your journey

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